Part two, done

I just finished up what will be part two of TWoS.

Just over 94,500 words for the whole story thus far.

Part three might end up being a bit shorter than the other two, though I’m not quite sure yet. Part two still needs some work as I go along and post it, but it’s a solid draft.

It feels really, really good to be making so much progress on this. I’m excited about this story, and how good it will (hopefully!) be once I’m all done.


5 thoughts on “Part two, done

    • When I finish this draft, my main focus will then be working on it to turn it into a final draft! But I will not be re-posting it again until it is finished and ready to be published, so I am hoping to post some other things in the meantime.

      I do not currently plan to dive right into the sequel in this series, though I certainly will be working on the shorter backstory pieces that I’m writing for some of the characters. Again, though, I don’t think those will be posted until after I release the finished version of TWoS. I have a short story series that I will work on and post, another couple of novels that I have beginnings of and may start to post as drafts as well.

      Essentially, whatever takes my fancy!

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