Land of Winds

(Series, 2 of 5 available)

Enemy magic will destroy them.

The wizard Ilari vows to defend his home when a neighboring kingdom invades. But Ilari is the only wizard in Suomen, and the attacking Galvir wield formidable magic. The invaders quickly put his resolve to the test.

Ilari takes command of Suomen’s defenses and pours his strength into them. Then another challenge arises. Fueled by this invasion of magic-users, his soldiers cling to an old prejudice against magic and are disturbed by his powers. Ilari fights hard to earn their trust. When patrols start to go missing, a betrayal threatens to tear down everything he has built.

With few allies and a powerful enemy closing in, can Ilari survive long enough to save his country?

Luule is born with a speck of blue in her gray eyes, the vivid blue of magic. But magic is feared, and those who wield it shunned. Luule grows up fighting for acceptance in her village, her only encouragement that given by her loving mother. When her mother dies, Luule is left truly alone. Struggling to endure harsh winters, she works harder than ever…until a foreign army invades. With magic-wielding enemies bearing down on them, Luule must make hard decisions quickly not only to survive, but for the chance of winning a better life for herself. Come find out which way the Winds will blow…
(A short story in the Land of Winds series.)